How to Make Selling Simple

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Selling ain’t rocket science. Selling is simple, real simple. It’s surprising how complex we’ve made selling. We’ve forgotten what selling really is, overwhelming it with technology … even if some technology is convenient and useful. The danger with too much technology is that we can get confused and frustrated. We become data miners, process managers … Read more

Simplify Your Sales Process

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Gene Hammett talks simplify your sales process. His “keep it simple” belief reflects ours so perfectly we wanted to share it here. 4 ways you can (and should) simplify your sales process. The other day, my office got a new coffeemaker. To replace our single-button machine, we’d chosen a top-of-the-line one. But after unboxing it, … Read more

The Most Important Sales Skill of All

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Geoffrey James’ ideas about the most important sales skill reflect ours so perfectly, we wanted to post it on our blog. The most important sales skill It doesn’t matter how good your product is. It doesn’t matter how smart your marketing is. It doesn’t matter how personable and knowledgeable you are. If you can’t close … Read more

Stick with Your Goal

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Goals are not a one-time thing…they’re an everyday thing. Are you finding it challenging to stick with your goal? How can you make sure you stick with your goal day after day and go on to achieve it? Try these quick tips. Crush Your Goals the Bite Size Way When you’re having difficulty, stop, back … Read more

3 Goal Tips from Lindsey Vonn

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Many of us know Lindsey Vonn as a world famous Alpine ski racer. Now retired from formal competition, she competed for almost 20 years, winning numerous titles and medals along the way. In addition to her Olympic gold medal, she won 2 World Championship gold medals, and achieved a total of 81 wins in World … Read more

Crush Your 2021 Goals: a Personal Story

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“Crush Your 2021 Goals” has had a real impact. Max Kirschner, an experienced sales leader and business consultant, reached out to me to tell his personal goal story. Max told me, “Your Dream, Set, Act, Track process had a real impact. It helped me clarify the way I see and work with my goals. As … Read more

Crush Goals with the Right Actions

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We can all crush our goals with the right actions. But taking Action on goals can often be the most challenging step in the 4 step goal process. Sometimes we need a little more help with the Act step to crush our goals with the right actions. Here’s the story of how one successful goal … Read more

Crush Your 2021 Goals in 4 Simple Steps

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People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. Earl Nightingale The goal setting process can often become complex and confusing. Crush Your 2021 Goals in 4 Simple Steps simplifies goal setting making it easy for you to set and achieve any goal. Step 1 – DREAM Whatever you dream about you can become. … Read more

Crush Your 2021 Goals – Get Ready

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Let’s get ready for 2021. It’s no secret 2020 has been a highly unusual year, filled with change and adjustments in every aspect of our lives. We all want to put 2020 in the past  and get ready for success in 2021. One of the proven strategies for success in 2021 – and in any … Read more

Master Motivation

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Staying motivated and focused on work and work tasks can be challenging, especially during this unusual and unpredictable time. Try a few of these quick tips to master motivation and keep moving forward. Schedule Regular Breaks It’s not possible to keep the same level of motivation and energy throughout the day when you’re working non-stop. … Read more