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Master Motivation

Staying motivated and focused on work and work tasks can be challenging, especially during this unusual and unpredictable time. Try a few of these quick tips to master motivation and keep moving forward. Schedule Regular Breaks It’s not possible to keep the same level of motivation and energy throughout the day when you’re working non-stop. … Read more

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How to Stay Motivated

Not sure how you can stay motivated during these challenging times? These tips are ones we’ve tried personally over the weeks since this pandemic began. Some days one works best; other days, a different one does, but they have all helped. Find the ones that work well for you. We need to stay motivated to … Read more

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Motivation Tips

It’s been an unprecedented and challenging few months. Motivation – staying energized and focused on work and work tasks – has become more difficult as personal and health issues fill our minds. Try these motivation tips. They’ll help you feel re-energized and ready to focus on work that has to be done. Recall Your Why … Read more

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5 Lessons that Drive Sales

Golf offers lots of lessons for salespeople who want to drive sales. Let’s explore 5 key lessons we can take from golf to help sales leaders and sales reps become better sellers. Lesson 1 – Focus on Immediate Future In sales and in golf, it’s easy to dwell on the last bad thing. That’s human … Read more

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Crush Sales with 5 Simple Actions

You want to crush your sales. In the age of the buyer that means motivating your customers to buy. We know the first step is understanding customer needs and knowing what they demand. When you do, you’ll crush tour sales because you know what motivates each of your customers to buy. What’s next? Your customers … Read more

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Sales Lessons from a Golfer’s Mind

There’s a great book by famed golf performance psychologist, Dr. Bob Rotella, called The Golfer’s Mind. I’ve been rereading it, as I do occasionally, and keep observing so many parallels to sales and the emotional discipline it takes to truly be the best one can be. The book is all about how to stay in … Read more

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Crush Customer Demands

Customer needs matter, but our customers also have demands they want us to satisfy. And customers’ demands are increasing with the huge volume of information and competitive data available to them. In the age of the buyer, our customers want to feel we’ve heard their demands and will respond to them. And … How well … Read more

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3 Simple Steps that Nail Sales

Get to know these 3 simple steps that nail sales every time …Know, Engage, Sell.

Sure, products and product solutions are important, but we need to connect them with stronger customer knowledge. That will get our customers to buy … and give ourselves a winning formula for sales results. Read more

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7 questions to Hack customer feedback

Ask 7 questions to hack customer feedback. What do your customers say about you? Do they say … Always looks out for me? Works hard to earn my business? Makes me feel like I made a smart decision? Listens carefully? Makes helpful suggestions? Builds my trust? Makes it easy to do business? So how many … Read more

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5 lessons learned from golf

The other day, I happened to catch media coverage of a PGA tournament. The more I watched, the more I realized winners in sales are a lot like winners in golf … they both win by practicing 5 lessons they’ve learned. Lesson 1 – Prepare Golf winners spend years practicing and preparing for their events. … Read more