SALES CHALLENGE Coaching Gets Results

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During current challenges your reps need and are demanding even more understanding, help and support from their leaders. SALES CHALLENGE Coaching responds to this urgent need. With SALES CHALLENGE Coaching, your reps will build confidence, reinforce skills and enhance customer relationships.

Drive results now with SALES CHALLENGE Coaching, included with SALES CHALLENGE Premium. Your reps learn how to apply all SALES CHALLENGE concepts in highly productive personal coaching sessions. SALES CHALLENGE Coaching shows your reps how they can build revenue and close deals fast.

According to Spotio 84% of the value of all sales training is lost after 90 days without follow up and worse, fails to deliver expected results. SALES CHALLENGE Coaching delivers critical follow up that guarantees results and a positive return on your investment.

SALES CHALLENGE Coaching Delivers These Benefits

  • Focuses sales team goals to get results faster
  • Defines real-world actionable sales strategies to close deals fast
  • Sets up key follow up tasks and actions that guarantee results
  • Reduces sales leader coaching load

How It Works

First, we schedule a fact-finding phone discussion with your rep. From our discussion, we learn all about the rep’s current selling situation, challenges and obstacles.

We then jointly develop a personal actionable SALES CHALLENGE strategy plan. Your rep optimizes the plan with weekly coaching follow up sessions via phone or video conference. During the SALES CHALLENGE Coaching program, your rep gets unlimited on-demand email access to their coach. This guarantees your rep gets the most value from SALES CHALLENGE and closes deals faster.

I’ve been working with Peter Willis, who developed Go for the Green, for a number of years now. I owe much of my success to him. The lessons from his SALES CHALLENGE learning product have helped me lay the foundation for my selling. I would recommend Peter and his suite of offerings to anyone I know.

Tim Martin Co-Founder and CEO, InfraSight Software


Our Exclusive Go for the Green Satisfaction guarantee

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We’re confident SALES CHALLENGE Coaching will meet or exceed your expectations. If you’re not completely satisfied after the initial coaching session, we’ll gladly refund your coaching payment in full.

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