Stick with Your Goal

Goals are not a one-time thing…they’re an everyday thing.

Are you finding it challenging to stick with your goal? How can you make sure you stick with your goal day after day and go on to achieve it?

Try these quick tips.

Crush Your Goals the Bite Size Way

When you’re having difficulty, stop, back up and take a long look at the goal you’ve set. Maybe it’s too much for you to tackle all at once. Look for ways you can break it up into smaller “bite-size chunks”.

Let’s say your goal is to completely re-organize your home office, but you just don’t know where to start. You aren’t getting it done. Try biting off a smaller chunk to get going. “Over the weekend I’ll clear away the clutter behind me that’s showing on my webcam.” Or “I’ll organize the top of my desk by the end of the day.”  These smaller bites you can get done.

It’s always a lot easier to handle a smaller chunk of the task. When you nail a smaller goal “bite”, you start to see progress right away. Seeing progress restores your confidence and motivates you to stick with your bigger goal … and sticking with your goal every day is how you’ll achieve it.

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Crush Your Goals the Social Way

This one gets others involved, and uses their support and encouragement to help you stick with your goal.

Crushing goals the social way doesn’t mean tweeting your goal or posting it on Facebook and Pinterest. It means sharing your goal with your network and with trusted friends and family. Choose people who really know and care about you. They’ll  give you their support and their ideas to help keep you focused on your goal.

There’s more to this …

  • Sharing your goal with others makes it seem more real and achievable to you.
  • Getting social makes you accountable to others for achieving your goal. Who wants to fail in front of a trusted audience, no matter how supportive they are?

So if you’re having challenges sticking with your goal, try getting social. When you do, you’ll find the help you need to stick with your goal until you achieve it.

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Reward and Regroup to Crush Your Goal

  • Reward yourself for positive achievement
  • Regroup when non achievement threatens

Reward Yourself for Positive Achievement

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Sometimes we’re so focused on our ultimate goal, we forget to reward ourselves for what we have achieved already, for all the smaller accomplishments along the way.

Let’s say you’re trying to nail a sales target of 24 new customers by year end. You don’t have to wait until the end of the year to reward yourself. Reward yourself after getting X number of customers in a month … maybe a dinner out with family or something new for your office..

But what if you haven’t closed those new customers by the end of the month?

Regroup When Non Achievement Threatens

Sounds like non-achievement is threatening … that’s when it’s time to regroup.

Start by asking yourself…

  • What is it that’s holding me back?
  • What can I do differently or better?

Your answers will give you the actions you need to regroup and adjust what you’re doing. Maybe you need to step up your activity each day or refine the questions you’re asking your customers.

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So remember these 3 quick tips to stick with your 2021 goal …

  • Break your goal into bite size chunks
  • Get social
  • Reward yourself along the way and regroup when you get stalled.

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