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SALES LEADERS your team needs
Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE
the simple way to get results fast.

the challenge closes deals with what’s important now

Understanding customers’ needs

Boosting and practicing sales skills

Building value-based customer relationships

The Challenge Gives You

Sales funnel with understand customer needs, boost sales skills, build value-based customer relationships to close more deals.

An all-in-one solution that gets results fast

A simple step by step way to close deals

An easy way to understand your customer’s needs

A people first approach that connects with customers

An engaging way to enable customers to buy


The Challenge Closes Deals

It’s simple and repeatable … no complex technology needed

It’s fast, easy to use and online

Gives your team an engaging way to boost skills

Builds customer relationships that close more deals

Connects with your CRM to get results faster

What makes the challenge special?

Circle showing Sales Golf Connection

The Golf Connection

Golf is just like sales … the challenge to get better, the competition and the social connections.

The Challenge focuses goals, boosts skills and builds relationships just like golf.

The Challenge and golf show how to win with mental preparation and lots of practice

Linking sales with golf lets your team visualize and experience everything they need to close deals.

The Coaching Connection

Reduces sales leader coaching load

Focuses sales team goals to get results faster

Defines real-world actionable sales strategies to close deals fast

Sets up key follow up tasks and actions that guarantee results

Boosts rep confidence, skills and customer understanding during COVID challenges


Coaching session with 2 women

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What Our users say

I love the format, the golf connection and the content, which is creative, well thought out sales strategy.
Image of Joe Gill
Joe Gill
Owner, The Golf Consultancy
Go for the Green is a highly unique and strategic sales approach, packaged in a fun and enjoyable golf theme. I'm amazed at the results I've achieved so quickly with Go for the Green.
Image of Anita Colletti, Realtor
Anita Colletti
Realtor, John R. Wood Properties
Awesome product. It’s captivating, pleasing, entertaining and made good use of my time to refresh myself on my selling … found myself wanting more.
Image of Dan Buckles
Dan Buckles
Deputy CEO of Tinubu Square Americas
Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE is an innovative, fun and practical business tool. It features dynamic golf-themed content. I really like the way it ‘links’ the game of golf with strategic selling. If you’re in sales, you need SALES CHALLENGE. Highly recommended.
Image of Neil Connolly
Neil Connolly
Director of Client Success at Bright Immigration

Start getting results today!