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Go for the Green Sales Challenge is your Simple Solution

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Focus on what’s important to close deals

Understanding your customers’ needs

Boosting and practicing your sales skills

Building value-based customer relationships

Go for the Green Sales Challenge shows you how

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What’s Go for the Green Sales Challenge

The simple sales solution to close deals fast

The easy way to enable your customers to buy

Everything you need in one simple package

Why The Challenge Works

It’s fast, online, easy to use … and gets results

It’s simple … no complex technology needed

Connects with your CRM to get deals faster

Gives you an engaging way to boost your skills

Builds the human connection to close deals

What Makes The Challenge Unique

How the sales-golf connection helps you close more deals.

The Challenge makes selling simple by linking sales with golf.

The golf connection is the fun way to visualize, experience and remember all the steps you need to close more deals.

The Challenge shows how preparation, goal setting, skills practice, adapting to changing situations and building relationships link sales with golf.

Try the Demo

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See how simple building relationships can be.

Experience the sales-golf connection in action.

What Our Users Say

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Dan Buckles Deputy CEO of Tinubu Square Americas

“Awesome product. It’s captivating, pleasing, entertaining and made good use of my time to refresh myself on my selling basics … found myself wanting more.”

Anita Colletti Realtor, John R. Wood Properties

“I love all the analogies. The Challenge is an interesting and unique approach to selling that can be used for any industry. I have been in sales for many years and I can see it being a part of a training session or as a standalone work assignment for all sales professionals.”

Neil Connolly Director of Client Success at Bright Immigration

“Go for the Green Sales Challenge is an innovative, fun and practical business tool from one of the best selling skills development companies in the business. It features dynamic golf-themed content based on the most effective sales training program I have ever seen. I really like the way it ‘links’ the game of golf with strategic selling. If you’re in sales, you need Go for the Green Sales Challenge, especially if you like golf. Highly recommended!”

Tim Martin CEO, Cloud Pricing Services

“I’ve been working with Peter Willis, who developed The Challenge, for a number of years now. I owe much of my success to him. The lessons from his Go for the Green Sales Challenge learning product have helped me lay the foundation for my selling. I would recommend Peter and his suite of offerings to anyone I know.”

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