Questions from our Users

Why the selling-golf connection?
Both selling and golf focus on personal preparation and goal setting, regular skills practice, building relationships and adapting to changing situations. AND golf helps you visualize, experience and remember all the steps you need to close deals.

I’m a non-golfer. Will Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE work for me?
Absolutely! You don’t have to be a golfer to get full value from The Challenge.

Who gets best value from The Challenge?
Both beginning and experienced salespeople and sales leaders will improve their sales performance and result with The Challenge.

How can I practice my sales skills?
Launch The Challenge to practice and boost your skills using The Challenge’s visual skill path, Caddie Track.

How does The Challenge help me close more deals?
The Challenge’s skill path, Caddie Track, helps you position your sales skills and take control of the customer interaction.

My company uses a CRM. How does Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE work with it?
The Challenge can work with any CRM to get you deals fast.

Our company doesn’t use a specific sales process or CRM.
The Challenge’s skill path, Caddie Track, gives you a simple sales process that’s easy to understand and use.

Can I work on boosting my closing skill with Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE?
Yes, you sure can. Select Course Map in the screen header; then, select Skill 8: Sink the Putt – Close to boost your closing skill.

Will Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE help me understand my customers and their needs better?
Absolutely! The Challenge focuses on all the skills you need to understand and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Will Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE improve my golf game?
Not sure … but when you apply all its sales skills, you’ll sure improve your selling game!