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We optimize sales success
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Our Mission

Deliver simple actionable real-world solutions and measurable results for sales leaders and sales teams.

Our Values

Simplicity, trust, innovation and client success guide everything we do.

our Capabilities

We provide creative learning solutions and innovative coaching strategies for our clients.

Our Offer

Go for the Green™ SALES CHALLENGE

A simple and innovative sales process that closes deals fast. The Challenge gives you everything you need for sales success in one complete package.

The Challenge …

  • Guides customers to a buying decision by understanding needs
  • Helps buyer select best solution
  • Engages customers personally
  • Promotes stronger relationships between buyer and seller
  • Creates fun and enjoyment in the sales process

Why The Challenge Resonates with Sales Leaders

  • Shows sales leaders how to map and manage the buyer’s journey
  • Highlights the power of preparation and skills practice
  • Virtual golf creates a simpler, faster and memorable experience
  • Innovative golf concepts, make the sales process visual, easy to understand and enjoyable

Go for the Green™ Sales Coach

This unique coaching program is included with Challenge Premium.

Go for the Green™ Sales Coach is a real-life follow up program custom designed for your sales team. It shows your reps how to apply Go for the Green™ Sales Challenge skills, concepts and strategies to all their selling interactions. It’s custom designed for each rep to get them closing more deals faster.

Go for the Green™ Sales Coach …

  • Gets you sales results fast with personal coaching sessions
  • Shows you how to develop your own personal sales strategies and approaches
  •  Boosts all your sales skills to close deals faster
  •  Builds value-based customer relationships for more deals

We also offer “Go for the Green™ Coaching for Results”. This is an in-depth, personal coaching program independent of Go for the Green™ Sales Challenge.

Go for the Green™ Coaching for Results

A comprehensive 5 step coaching and follow up program for sales leaders. We personalize all our process steps and adapt them to your unique needs, guaranteeing measurable results.

Go for the Green™ Coaching for Results …

  • Applies a simple, real-life, actionable approach to coaching
  • Analyzes and clarifies personal sales goals
  • Identifies and removes performance roadblocks
  • Delivers personalized solution options
  • Provides a complete custom action plan and follow up to ensure success

Let’s chat about solving your success roadblocks and optimizing your team’s results.