Selling Is a Lot Like Golf – how to bring your A-Game

Selling is a lot like golf. Todd Nason’s article resonates so completely with our beliefs we wanted to share it here.

Selling is a lot like golf

A friend and I were talking about our golf games on the weekend and how each of us was feeling about different facets of our games. “I’m hitting my driver well but my irons are not so great”, “My short game is good but my putting is terrible right now”, etc, etc. What struck me was how we both analyzed our games into the different pieces, or areas, and knew what we needed to work on. To have a good round of golf you need every aspect of your game working well, not perfect but also not weak, or your score will reflect it.

I would argue that the same could be said for the sales process.

the Sales Process

Sales is often broken down into a step-by-step process in different models. Each model includes things like Interviewing, Objection-Handling, Demonstrating, and of course, Closing. Some salespeople are very good at asking insightful questions, others at getting a firm commitment when they close. The best are adept at each step in the process, building relationships with their customers, uncovering customer needs and objections, effectively addressing those through their conversations, and getting a commitment to move forward and closing the sale.

3 tips to bring your a-Game

Golfers will do three things to improve their game that sales professionals should do too …

1. Analyze in Selling and Golf

After each hole or round a golfer will take the time to reflect on how they played.

Do the same after each customer interaction or at the end of your day – what worked well and what do I need to work on to be more effective?

2. Practice in Selling and Golf

Hit the range or putting green and practice, practice, practice. If one area of your game is not working then you work on that to improve your overall game.

In sales, if you are not great at asking good questions then take time to come up with some and try them out – first on your own or role-playing with a friend or colleague, then with your customers.

3. Learn in Selling and Golf

Take a lesson. Golfers will take a lesson from a golf pro to help them if they are stuck and don’t know how to fix their swing.

Sales professionals can do the same and hire a coach to work with them to improve the area of the sales process that they know they need help with and don’t know how to fix it.

A golfer who hits their driver well and adds 10 yards to their distance off the tee through practice will not improve their score all that much if they three-putt on every green.

Work on the areas in your sales approach that need some practice or coaching and improve your overall sales score! 

Todd’s right. Selling really is a lot like golf. Try his 3 tips in your selling game and watch your sales score soar.

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