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It's easy for people to believe selling doesn't require any skill because most people encounter unskilled sales professionals. However, as a professional trained by a Fortune 500 company, I became a skilled sales professional and a top-producer in my marketplace. As I am always looking to improve, I took the "Go for the Green" challenge and was impressed at how fun, engaging, and rewarding it was to return to the fundamentals of the selling process. Whether you are new to sales or are a seasoned sales professional, “Go for the Green Sales Challenge” delivers everything a sales professional needs to be a top-producer.
Image of Derek Auguste
Derek Auguste
Alumni Engagement & Outreach Fellow at Warrior-Scholar Project
Go for the Green just works, because it makes sense. It reinforces all the basic traits of good salesmanship from first call to discovery, from the iterative consultation process to follow ups, and on to securing a final closure. Once you have this professional recipe, the rest is up to you: add your style and go execute it. Whether you are starting out in sales or just polishing your skills, this Go for the Green Sales Challenge program is a must in your arsenal. Make sure you get that deal.'
Image of Carlos Curti
Carlos Curti
International Sales Manager, Siemens Energy
Go for the Green Sales Challenge brings sales improvement to your fingertips. The interactive environment and golf theme engage its users through passive and active learning. As an e-learning author, I can say with confidence that this program embodies best practices and trends in the field, and its web-based delivery makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to boost sales, Go for the Green Sales Challenge could be your solution!
Image of Luke Benfield
Luke Benfield
Senior Manager of Learning and Development at Accredo
Going for the green is more than just hitting a green on a golf course. It’s about making the cash register ring! And ‘Go for the Green Sales Challenge’ covers all the processes any team needs to be holistically successful. Go for the Green Sales Challenge has created a unique way to incorporate the fundamentals and strategies of golf to communicate the most important aspects of any sales and customer service processes. It’s a fun and interactive way for any individual or team to find their strengths, and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve any goals.
Image of John Hughes
John Hughes
CEO John Hughes Golf, PGA of America Master Professional of Instruction
As an executive who works with sales teams, I immediately saw the impact Go for the Green Sales Challenge will have on results. While presented in a fun way with the golf theme, the underlying concepts and reinforcement tools like Skill Checker and Deal Maker reflect the creators’ depth of knowledge and experience in the sales process. I highly recommend Go for the Green Sales Challenge as a new and unique way to boost sales results. Check it out!
Image of Darrin Ullerick
Darrin Ullerick
CFO - Fractional, Interim and Permanent Assignments
I love all the analogies. Go for the Green Sales Challenge is an interesting and unique approach to selling that can be used for any industry. I have been in sales for many years and I can see it being a part of a training session or as a standalone work assignment for all sales professionals.
Shawn Lally
Founder of Golf Outing Pro Inc.
Go for the Green Sales Challenge showed me how I can promote positive personal relationships with my customers, which is important to me as a PGA Pro. It helped me see how I can educate my customers about my products and how to match product benefits to my customer’s needs. Learning more about selling to decision makers was very helpful for me.
Paul Sylvester
Director of Instruction at Billy Casper Golf