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Make closing deals simple. Get SALES CHALLENGE Pro. It’s fast, engaging and gives you everything you need to close more deals.


SALES CHALLENGE Pro makes closing deals simple. It’s fast, engaging and gives you everything you need to close more deals.

SALES CHALLENGE Pro gives you all these great features with The Challenge

  • SALES CHALLENGE Warm-Up rates your sales smarts
  • SALES CHALLENGE Deal Maker gets you ready for the deal
  • SALES CHALLENGE Skill Checker scores your skills
  • Practice Quizzes apply your skills to real-world selling
  • Free updates and email support

3 reviews for SALES CHALLENGE Pro

  1. 5 out of 5

    John Hughes

    Go for the Green is a great way to insure that you and your team have the right knowledge and tools in place to convert more sales, immediately! Its method is thorough and easy to ingrain. And it focuses on what genuinely works. All of my team has benefited from using Go for the Green Sales Challenge. Even better, our happier clients are benefiting too, and repeating their purchases more often. Isn’t that the goal? Thanks Go for the Green!

    John Hughes – Award Winning Golf Coach and Entrepreneur

  2. 5 out of 5

    Carlos Curti

    Go for the Green just works, because it makes sense. It reinforces all the basic traits of good salesmanship, from first call to discovery, from the iterative consultation process to follow ups, and on to securing a final closure. Once you have this professional recipe, the rest is up to you: add your style and go execute it. Whether you are starting out in sales or just polishing your skills, this program is a must in your arsenal. Make sure you get that deal.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Ted J. Odorico

    In the beginning man tried to move mountains, but without success. It wasn’t until man realized he could climb the mountain to get to the other side. To do that, he needed the right tools. Just like in every day business, we need the right tools to overcome those sales mountains. Go for the Green gives you the right tools. Tools like understanding customer needs, building value-based relationships, all helping to boost your sales skills. With the right tools nothing is impossible. Take the Go for the Green challenge and climb your mountain….I did!

    Ted J. Odorico, Publisher – Golf Tips Magazine

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