More on The Challenge

Go for the Green Sales Challenge is the highly effective sales process with a completely new way to close deals. The Challenge sales process maps the buyer’s journey to the deal from before the sales interaction begins to building a relationship with the buyer after it. This dynamic Challenge experience gets results fast.

You get unlimited value with these real-world benefits

 Simple and Easy
    - clear step by step sales process
    - simplifies the sales interaction  

   - follows an innovative visual path to the deal
   - interactive and self paced
  - prepares reps to sell in under 3 hours
  - builds sales skills quickly

  - everything a team needs in 1 complete package
  - pre-planning, steps to deal, building relationships  

The Challenge also includes 3 real-world sales optimizers to guarantee results

Funnel with "understand customer needs", "boost sales skills", "build value-based relationships" leading to "Close More Deals"
  • Warm Up A self check that rates your reps’ sales smarts before beginning The Challenge. Warm Up helps you and your reps choose what you want to work on first.
  • Deal Maker A simple real world planner for every sales interaction. Deal Maker gets your reps ready to close the deal.
  • Skill Checker A custom skills checklist. Your reps rate their skills after any sales interaction with Skill Checker