How To Sell Without Being Salesy

Selling without being salesy is all about building a human connection with our customers.

No matter what sales process and software tools we’re using, we are the ones who get our customers to buy.

When we make that human connection, we start the process of helping our customers to buy. We start developing the personal relationships that lead to more deals over time.

The takeaway …

  • Get to know your customers as people first so you can engage them in the buying process.
  • Make the essential human connection with your customers before presenting your solution.

3 Tips to Build the Human Connection

Try these 3 quick tips to help build a human connection.

Tip 1- understand customers’ needs

Saleswoman seeking to understand customer

Customers want to do business with people who understand them and their needs.

Take the time to learn and understand the personal profiles of your customers – their needs, wants, requirements, attitudes, likes and dislikes.

When we do all we can to find out what our customers really want, we’ll get buying decisions a whole lot faster and easier.

tip 2 – be “easy to buy from”

Customers buy with the human connection not technology.

Customers buy from people who make themselves “easy to buy from”

Although technology sales tools and processes are helpful, they alone don’t get our customers to buy. We do.

And we’ll do it by being “easy to buy from” … by engaging our customers on a human level and getting to know them as people first.

tip 3 – build trust

Customers want to do business with people they like, respect and trust.

Our sales challenge is to consistently deliver needs-focused and value-based solutions for our customers.  When we do, we earn their respect, their trust – and their buying decisions.

We also become much more than salespeople and sales leaders. We become trusted and respected partners with our customers … and trusted, respected partners close a lot more deals.


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How To Sell Without Being Salesy

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