How to Motivate Customers to Buy

Motivate customers to buy and crush your sales with 5 simple actions.

The first step is to understand your customers’ needs and demands. When you do, you’ll crush your sales targets because you have the code for what motivates each customer differently.

What’s next?

Your customers will become even more motivated to buy when you add these 5 simple actions.

Action 1 – Just Do It

What’s “it”? It’s delivering whatever the customer needs, wants or demands at any given time.

Action 2 – Do It Right

What’s right? It’s reacting with the right action for the customer situation you’re in and being aware that every situation will be different. To do it right, be aware of customer clues and stay flexible so you can react to them.

Action 3 – Do It Fast

How fast? Match your action to your customer’s demand for speed … and that demand will be different for each customer.

Action 4 – Do It Better

Go beyond what your customer expects and you’ll beat your competition every time.

Action 5 – Do It Every time

It’s easy to do it once. Motivating your customer to buy means understanding what your customer wants each time and delivering it every time, not just once.

Take all 5 actions and motivate your customers to buy from you … again and again.

It really is that simple.

How to Motivate Customers to Buy

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