Crush Your 2021 Goals: a Personal Story

“Crush Your 2021 Goals” has had a real impact. Max Kirschner, an experienced sales leader and business consultant, reached out to me to tell his personal goal story.

Max told me, “Your Dream, Set, Act, Track process had a real impact. It helped me clarify the way I see and work with my goals. As a result, I’ve spent time personalizing your process and developing my own approach from it. I’d like to share it with your followers.”

A personal Goal story

So here’s Max’s approach. He uses it in both his business and personal life.

I start with my overall “goal philosophy”… No matter what stage you’re at in your business or personal life, setting meaningful goals and developing a plan to achieve them leads to success.

crush your 2021 goals – step 1

The first step in my approach is Understand … where I want to be and what I want to accomplish. This step helps define what my specific goal is.

crush your 2021 goals – step 2

Once I Understand my goal, the next step is Evaluate. With Evaluate I can think a lot more about my goal, how to achieve it and my strategy to get there. I also take time to look at all the strengths and weaknesses of my goal. Evaluate gives me an opportunity to refine, modify or even change my goal.

crush your 2021 goals – step 3

After Evaluate, my next step is Educate. I identify what it will take to get where I want to be, what I need to learn and where I can find it. The digital world gives me unlimited resources for learning … articles, webinars, podcasts, videos, courses. I also reach out to my business and personal networks, team members and knowledgeable friends for more ideas and approaches.

In the Educate step I become a lot “smarter” about my goal. Educate sharpens my focus on just how I’ll achieve my goal. Once I Understand where I want to go, Evaluate my goal and Educate myself, my final step is Develop a game planI can stick to.

crush your 2021 goals – step 4

In Develop I plan and record in writing what I need to do to achieve my goal … How much time do I need to invest? What are some possible pitfalls and obstacles? Develop serves as both a “progress benchmark” and a “track” for me to run on.

Develop also prevents me from getting into difficulty. I’ve already identified pitfalls and obstacles so I recognize them when they show up and can work around them.

Understand, Evaluate, Educate, Develop … a personal and actionable approach to setting and achieving goals. Many thanks for sharing your approach, Max.

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