Crush Customer Demands

Customer needs matter, but our customers also have demands they want us to satisfy. And customers’ demands are increasing with the huge volume of information and competitive data available to them.

In the age of the buyer, our customers want to feel we’ve heard their demands and will respond to them.

And …

How well we respond to customer demands is the key to growing our sales and our businesses.

Customers are Demanding a Lot

  • More in-depth knowledge about our products, market and competitors
  • Faster responses to their requests … they want it now
  • More value … if they don’t get it from us, they’ll search for other sources
  • Higher quality service – faster … with consistent follow-up. Amazon has set a whole new standard for every supplier.

What it means

So what’s all this mean to us as sales leaders and salespeople?

It means we need to develop even more awareness and responsiveness to customer demands.

And we need to be alert to how their demands keep changing so we can respond quickly when they do.

Once customers know they can rely on us to respond to their needs and demands, they’ll reach out – and keep reaching out – to us and not our competitors when it’s time to buy.

When they do, you’ve crushed the demand challenge and sales just have to follow.

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