How to Make Selling Simple

Rocket ship blasting off.

Make your selling simple. Selling ain’t rocket science. Selling is simple, real simple. It’s surprising how complex we’ve made selling. We’ve forgotten what selling really is, overwhelming it with technology … even if some technology is convenient and useful. The danger with too much technology is that we can get confused and frustrated. We become … Read more

#1 Closing Strategy

Person asking 'wanna close more deals'?

We’re all looking for the #1 strategy to close more deals. Here’s a starting point… put people first. When we focus on people and build a human connection, we make closing deals faster and easier. Focusing on people helps us understand customers’ needs. When we know our customers, we don’t have to start the sales … Read more

How To Sell Without Being Salesy

The human connection to close more deals

Selling without being salesy is all about building a human connection. Harvey Mackay, a well known entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, is a master of how to do this. Build a human connection and help customers buy Develop value-based customer relationships. No matter what sales process and software we’re using, we are the ones who … Read more