The Challenge Story

Welcome to The Challenge story.

I’m Peter Willis, co-creator of Go for the Green Sales Challenge. I’ve been selling, leading, coaching and motivating sales teams most of my life.

I love selling, closing deals and building relationships with my customers. I’ve always tried to keep my selling simple and personal. Now I’m on a mission as a sales coach to take what I’ve learned from a lifetime of doing this and share it with others. My mission is to create simple solutions to help salespeople and sales leaders close more deals by understanding their customers better, boosting their sales skills, and building value-based customer relationships.

Today’s salespeople and sales leaders want and welcome this simple human approach in what has become a very complex and confusing sales technology world.

As a sales coach, I’m often asked, “Can you help me get better?” and “Can you show me a simple solution to close more deals?”

Yes, I sure can.

First, a confession. I love the game of golf almost as much as I love selling, mostly because they are so similar in so many ways. There’s the constant challenge of competing to get better and improving your skills to score well. There’s the human connection that develops on the course or in customer interactions. There’s the relationships built as you play a round or interact with your customers … and there’s the respect and trust that are natural outcomes of the connections you make.

All these make both selling and golf rewarding and fun … especially when you’re winning!

So my answer to “getting better” and “closing more deals”? Find a way to experience golf and selling together. Using golf, salespeople could visualize the steps in the sales process and experience it differently. I’d make it simple to use so they could easily follow the steps and remember them whether or not they actually played golf.

How to do it?

Well, I spent a lot of time trying to figure that out. I watched lots of golf, chatted with lots of golfing friends, and talked to dozens of salespeople and sales leaders. Then I  did a whole lot more thinking … and drank a whole lot more coffee!

I realized the answer was to create a whole new product, a simple sales process built on a golf platform. The product would be a virtual coach and a key building block to help salespeople get better and close more deals … regardless of where they were in their sales career.

After extensive research, planning and development, the product is now here. We chose the name “Go for the Green Sales Challenge” to focus on the selling-golf connection and the personal competition in both. I had finally found the best way to accomplish my mission.

Take a look and find out how you can close more deals.